Hamburg – Halifax
June 2018

Shipping company: ACL
Type of shipment: RoRo
Duration: 14 days with stopovers in Antwerp and Liverpool
Costs: 1731,80 EUR (25.95m2) + 150 CAD harbor dues in Halifax

How do we get Baloo across the Atlantic ocean? Isn't a car shipping incredibly expensive? Who offers such a shipment? Can passengers also travel on the ship on which the car is transported? - All questions that we've never dealt with in our lives before this trip - here you will find the answers:

The organisation of the shipment:
If you google for an opportunity to ship your own car, you will soon come across Seabridge. Once we knew about this company, we stumbled across it on the net while doing further research. According to various reports from satisfied customers, the organization is uncomplicated and the booking is done quickly. That was also the case with us!

We asked Seabridge for an offer, then had to fill out a form with the details of the destination port, vehicle dimensions as well as make, year and build of the vehicle and the thing was scratched. Our questions (we wanted to know whether we could transport a box and a spare tyre on the roof) were answered quickly and in detail.

As a passenger on board:

When we received an e-mail from Seabridge on a late Friday evening in February (we had already contacted them about the vehicle shipment at that time) informing us about the brand-new opportunity to travel on the cargo ship as a passenger together with the car from March 2018, we briefly made joyful jumps. A long-awaited dream of ours would come true! On the same evening we booked a cabin on the cargo ship that will bring Baloo to Halifax.

Good to know:
  • The shipping company needs the following documents at least 6 weeks before departure: Copies of passports (passports must be valid for at least 6 months), copy of the vehicle registration document, proof of a foreign health insurance with return transport incl. rescue flights.
  • Tickets are available approx. 2 weeks before departure
  • Passage must be confirmed to the port agent, as departure times may change.
  • Medication (e.g. against seasickness) must be brought by yourself.
  • The same meals are served, which are also cooked for the crew.
  • Fitness room, sauna, games and DVD's are available and can be used.
  • Wireless Internet is availabe during the whole crossing, but limited
  • Pets are not allowed on board.
  • Washing machine and dryer are available
  • The mains voltage is 220V, sockets have German Schuko plugs.
  • Port lay times usually range between 6-24 hours.
  • Luggage allowed on board: Max. 100kg per person (no weapons, flammable items or drugs)

Our shipping data from Hamburg to Halifax:
Scheduled delivery of the vehicle: until June 01 2018 (until 9.00 a.m.)
>>> Can also be delivered up to 5 days before departure (3.40 Euro per tonne per day storage fee required)
Scheduled departure from Hamburg: June 04 2018
Scheduled arrival in Halifax: June 18 2018
Scheduled pick-up of the vehicle: From June 20 2018

The departure date of the ship may be delayed or moved forward due to changes in the timetable (we can check the current departure date ourselves on the Grimaldi homepage using a delivered access code).

As this year is the first time that a passenger ride is offered together with the car on the Hamburg-Halifax route, Seabridge has not yet been able to agree an optimal solution with the shipping company with regard to vehicle delivery and collection. In our case, we were able to collect the vehicle one day after arrival in Halifax.

Time schedule:
  • Booking can be made at the earliest 6 months in advance of the date of shipment.
  • Only a few days after confirmation of your booking by e-mail, you will receive a comprehensive information dossier on shipping by post with details of the time schedule, a description of the ports of departure and arrival, including maps and a form for taking out marine transport insurance.
  • The invoice will be sent by e-mail 1 week before departure. Once the invoice has been paid, you will also receive the shipping documents by e-mail.
  • The Data Freight Receipt will be delivered by e-mail approx. 1 week after delivery of the vehicle. This bill of landing is required in the port of destination in order to release the vehicle.
  • The import documents can be obtained from the forwarding agent in the port of destination.
    The local shipping and port fees are to be paid directly to the carrier in Halifax in cash.

What else you need to know:
  • Before the vehicle is delivered, it must be subjected to thorough underbody cleaning (including disinfection); no earth lumps must adhere to the car.
  • For the vehicle delivery you need a warning vest on the harbour area.
  • The vehicle must be "empty of sight" when it is handed over, i.e. all material must be stored in cupboards or storage compartments suitable for use at sea.
  • License plates may be disassembled before delivery
  • Reserve canisters, gas cylinders and gas tanks must be absolutely empty.
  • The diesel tank may be filled to a maximum of ¼
  • Not allowed on board are: Food, plants, soil, tobacco & alcohol, weapons, drugs (including medicines) and flammable substances.
  • When reading the documents, it quickly became clear that Seabridge accepts no liability for theft or damage to vehicle contents. So we take all valuables and items that mean a lot to us on board, the rest we leave in the vehicle.

Costs in Euro:
Freighter voyage (outside cabin incl. full board): 750.00€ p.P.
Vehicle shipment (25.95m3): 1731.80€
Shipping and port fees in Halifax: 150 CAD

An immediate deposit of 375.00 Euro had to be made for the freighter voyage.

You can find the blogpost about the shipment from Hamburg to Halifax here.


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