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Much faster than we can realize it, we are no longer surrounded by miles of empty desert, but find ourselves on a 10-lane highway and drive in the distance to flickering skyscrapers. To the left and right of us, well-known buildings with even more well-known names begin to line up. Faster than we can see, we are in the Concrete Jungle of Las Vegas.

Skilfully we wind our way through the dense traffic and immediately find the parking lot of our hotel. We park Baloo in front of Excalibur Castle and temporarily turn our backs on him because we have reserved a hotel room for the next two nights. Loaded only with the most important things, we stand a little later in the oversized lobby of the hotel built in medieval style. With cigarette smoke in our nose (yes, smoking is allowed here) and the unmistakable ringing of the slot machines in our ears, we stand in line for check-in.

And wait for now ...

... to find out three quarters of an hour later that our supposed bargain (we found a room online for 20 USD the day before and pressed the "Book" button with a simultaneous cry of joy) is none. In addition to the 20 USD there are resort taxes of about 35 USD per night, the parking lot with an additional 10 USD per night and then just by chance just at this moment a viiiiiiyeeeee better room has become available, which is offered to us for a tiny surcharge of another 10 USD per night. Who says no?! Of course we agree to the upgrade ... while we are here ... and finally pay 75 USD per night for our spontaneous unplanned Las Vegas intermezzo. You don't treat yourself to anything else 🙂

After a little nap we take the "Strip" shortly before dark: From our hotel we cross directly one of the many glazed pedestrian bridges that lead over the Las Vegas Boulevard and finally reach it via escalator and are right in the middle! Along the boulevard, better known as "The Strip", we work our way north step by step. Blinking lights, colored lights and rain of lights; pop classics from the bushes along the pavement and rock n' roll from the live stage in New York New York; taxis, moving big screens and lightly dressed girls in feathers and Aua heels praise the hottest hotspots for the coming night. Day becomes night - night becomes day; the city awakens and floods our charms. It's showtime everywhere!

We continue with snacks in the M&M's Store, a refreshing Piña Colada in the Hard Rock Café, past extravagant hotels and through crowds to Paris in miniature. Here, too, the Eiffel Tower rises into the air in front of us in considerable size. It is 165 meters high! Just across the street, the Bellagio fountains start dancing rhythmically to the classics of music history. A little further on, in front of the Mirage, a volcano erupts with a lot of noise. We don't miss this spectacle either!

At the other end of the strip we take the monorail, which brings us back to the hotel. Now we have to put our feet up!

The second day we take it easy and take advantage of the oversupply of car garages by having the oil change done with a discount coupon. For the evening we reserved a table in the "Top of the World", a revolving restaurant at 257 meters in the Stratosphere Tower. We want to take this opportunity to celebrate Mathias' birthday, which will soon turn 30. Just so much: The expensive tasting menu was definitely worth it.

After two days in the surreal desert city it is time for us to move on again. We avoid the mix of entertainment, enticement, glamour and provocation. That's how it is with Vegas. Some love the Sin City, others curse it. We too are divided about our visit to this glittering city.

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